Work Package 8 (CEA with all partners)

JRP Management Coordination

The JRP-Coordinator the Project Management Board (see below), will be the permanent reference point for the JRP for both the JRP-Participants EURAMET e.V.

The Project Management Board (PMB) consists of JRP-Coordinator one representative per partner who will act as official delegates from each partners. When necessary, experts of the field will be included in the Board to help validation of the technical decisions made by the PMB. The PMB will be chaired by the JRP‑Coordinator. The PMB is in charge of the high level management of the project, addressing all the administrative, contractual financial matters. It has overall responsibility for important decisions related to the contractual execution such as: requesting contract changes or re-negotiation, reallocation of works, responsibilities man-power between JRP-Partners, settlement of problems or differences between JRP-Participants. The PMB determines the strategic direction of the JRP. PMB will meet at least once per year immediately before the general project meeting of all JRP-Partners the REG. Further meetings will be scheduled when if necessary.


Task 8.1 Project meetings

A Kick-off meeting will be held at the inception of the JRP to ensure that all JRP-Participants are clear as to the objectives of the JRP their contribution to it. It is an important meeting, an opportunity for all the JRP‑Partners to meet each other to unify the JRP-Consortium around the common set of objectives.

A General Project Meeting to be attended by all JRP-Partners the REG-Researcher or their representatives is held once (or twice) a year, for a period of two days. Major technical scientific results advances are presented reviewed, compared with the planned programme. The members are consulted on major decisions to be made by the PMB be able to formally request particular actions to be taken, which the PMB must respond to. These meetings are divided into two sections. The first section is confidential only JRP-Partners the REG-Researcher are able to participate. The second is public involving stakeholders collaborators thus ensuring wider participation valuable input.

The final meeting will last three days will also feature a one-day evaluation session, where the JRP impact is evaluated the final report concluded.


Task 8.2: Project reports

A publishable JRP summary is written one month after the signature of the JRP-Contract; this is updated every six months to reflect the progress of the JRP.

Interim progress reports are written at months 6, 12, 24, 30.

The periodic reports consist of a detailed summary of the progress made, describe the achieved results the problems encountered how they were solved.


Work package leader: Jean-Marc Bordy (CEA)