Work Package 7 (CEA with all partners)

Creating Impact

The key aim of this workpackage (WP) is to maximise the JRP impact. This will be done by assuring that the results from each WP will be disseminated between the JRP-Partners, to the wider metrological community, stakeholders, end-users. The WP tasks include establishing maintaining the JRP website, writing journal papers contributing conference papers, establishing a user group, organising workshops preparation of recommendations arising from the JRP results.


Task 7.1 Knowledge Transfer

The aim of this task is to share the JRP research findings with the wider community.

Description of activities:

  • JRP website will be set up by CMI. This website will include a public zone in which the medical physics community will be able to find information about the JRP work on a monthly basis. The research agenda a summary of the tasks for each WP of the JRP, the deliverable reports guidelines will be available on line.

  • JPR-Partners will attend conferences to disseminate the results of the JRP in conferences

  • The JRP-Participants will submit papers to peer-reviewed journals (Target journals: Medical Physics, Physica Medica, Metrologia, Physics in Medicine Biology)

  • Collaborators will have the opportunity to attend part of some JRP meetings for topics in which they are involved.


Task 7.2 St ards’ activities

Members of the JRP are involved in st ards committees such as ISO, IEC, IAEA. Recommendations published in WP6 st ardisation in WP1 could be used to improve existing documentary st ards or to launch a new work item proposal after the end of this JRP.


Task 7.3 Training Dissemination

The aim of this task is to disseminate the results of the JRP to the end user (mainly medical physicists) community.

Description of activities:

  • A workshop will be organised by CEA held probably in Paris at the end of the JRP, gathering JRP-Partners with medical physicists, stakeholders (industrial, national authorities etc.). The workshop will probably be a 4 full day event.

  • A video for e-training on the use of the chemical gel for quality controls will be posted on the JRP Website.


Work package leader: Jean-Marc Bordy (CEA)